Home Contents Move-Out

Our professional move-out service in Knoxville

A move-out involves moving a client’s contents and belongings to a remote location for more specialized cleaning or storage through the remediation of a structure. During the restoration process, the insured may be moved to temporary housing, facilitating a quicker restoration of the damage structure. Brite Construction & Restoration will complete a thorough inspection, performed by our content manager, to determine whether to restore, repair, or refinish contents during the move out.

Brite Construction & Restoration also utilizes a Pack-out Inventory (POI) system to manage your claim after a disaster. Brite Construction & Restoration employs professional movers who will inventory all items taking digital photos, attach a bar code, and enter all your items into a computer inventory. This gives us the ability to track all of your belongings from pack-out through to cleaning, storage, and back to pack-in. Once Brite Construction & Restoration has completed the cleaning stage of your contents, we are able to continue storage of all goods in our climate-controlled, state-of-the-art storage facility, until we complete the reconstruction or remediation process, and contents can be moved back in. Brite Construction & Restoration will work with the insured to provide any services that the insured may require during this stressful time.

Brite Construction & Restoration recommends filling out a Home Contents Inventory Form and keeping a copy in a safe place, and also filing one with your insurance company. This form based on the Pack-Out Inventory (POI) system, could help recovery and insurance professionals get your property and your life back to normal as soon as possible. It will give you an accurate inventory of contents and their value, better information to settle a claim faster, add legitimacy to your loss, and may assist with the burden of proof for your claim.